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Company Profile

Since its foundation in 2004, the developer company TOP Development a.s. has been focusing on acquisition and development of lands for logistics, industrial and commercial projects, the lack of which was felt during the massive entry of international investments to Slovakia. During the first years, the key activities included acquisition of attractive lands in the Western Slovakia, namely in the region of Trnava, offering ideal investment opportunities thanks to its close location to the capital and excellent access from Austria, Czech republic and Hungary. In 2005-2006, TOP Development acquired lands in two locations with a total area of 600,000 sq.m., of which 490,000 sq.m. directly in Trnava and 110,000 sq.m. in a close locality Selpice - Nemecanka. The land in Trnava was equipped with all utility lines worth SKK 120 million. At the same time, 140,000 sq.m. were sold for a shopping center project in Trnava. At the present time, TOP Development incorporates investment, designing, construction and administration activities.

Company’s aims

The main objective of the company is to provide full services in real estate projects.